SERVE ME!!! Learn How to Wait Tables

Would you like to learn step by step how I make 50 or more dollars an hour waiting tables? Does a bear seek out the tastiest of honeycomb in a place where the trees are plentiful? Learn how to wait tables like a pro.

My brand new eBook shows you exactly how to do it!!! From the most basic aspects of waiting on tables to learning how to make more money than you ever have before in your present place of employment, I will hand over to you the keys that I have used to create my vastly successful gratuity kingdom!$! You will be taught how to wait on tables from an expert, and if you are already consider yourself well versed in the ways of serving excellence, I promise you that I can help fine tune your brilliance…

I work no more than 20 to 24 hours a week and I make what most people do working 50 hours a week! Last year alone I positively cleaned up by earning over $40,000 working that amount of hours and so far this year I am on course to rake in quite a bit more than that, my fellow ambassadors of culinary delights. On a lark I put together a rough draft of this book and gave it to a good friend of mine to see what she thought and after a few months of practicing the techniques offered and refined in this book she is now able to attend and afford school so that she will one day fulfill her dream of being a professional photographer!!!

Based upon my many years working in various positions within the restaurant industry, from manning the drive thru at a Burger King in Hackettstown, New Jersey at the age of fourteen to presently making hundreds of dollars a night working as a waiter for an incredible modern latin fusion restaurant named Pasion in San Francisco, California, I believe waiting on tables successfully is best achieved by facilitating the science of artistically expressing yourself using proven sales techniques that will make you and the dining institution you are employed by more money through providing each and every guest a dining experience that exceeds their expectations by offering the best that both you and your restaurant have to offer…

Knowledge: the psychological result of learning and understanding a science,
art, or technique based upon one’s perception of existence

Pasion: a strong desire for devotion to some activity or concept that causes
an irresistible motive for a belief or action

Respect: an attitude of admiration and esteem that is expressed by word and
deed toward someone or something that an individual considers
worthy of high regard

Core Beliefs to Success

It is infinitely better to be thought of as a grand ambassador of the culinary treasures that your dining establishment has to offer than to be thought of as a used car salesman insisting that the only way your guests will enjoy their meals is if all things are “supersized”.

Don Miguel Ruiz’s
Four agreements:
-speak impeccably
-always do your best
-assume nothing
-take nothing personally
When these four agreements are applied to your actions in the workplace, you will become unstoppable!!!

-The best options relative to each individual table always equals the best experience
-reading your guests and understanding what the difference is between
upselling and being too pushy
– Everyone really does want the best they can afford
– my goal is to help you offer a unique culinary experience that cannot be
found by any of your restaurant’s competitors
– upsell at every opportunity that presents itself by knowing and offering
the best that the restaurant has to offer
-always go for the highest sell possible, but speak well of all
food and beverages that are offered

-“You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take”
-Wayne Gretzky

-your service is only as strong as your weakest moments
-knowing how to properly utilize your support staff
-On to the next one
– rolling with the punches, dealing with resentments and understanding
-Feel your management and kitchen’s pain
-Minimizing mistakes and the ability to efficiently correct your mistakes
-understanding and working with your strengths and weaknesses
-be the best possible version of yourself at all times
-appreciation for the fact that you have, in my humble opinion,
one of the best non degree positions that this country offers
-exuding confidence allows you to control your guests by not
allowing them to control you

-The greatest power of a server lies within the boundaries of their ability to
properly offer the best of what their restaurant’s culinary experience has to

For one week only

we are offering a 50% discount on pre-orders of my new eBook that will include a hand written letter thanking you personally with direct access to my personal email account.

(Official Release date: July-August 2012)

We offer a 100% guarantee that if for any reason you do not feel this book works for you then you can receive a full refund!!



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