Last night San Francisco Giant Hall of fame first baseman Orlando Cepeda told me how much he missed my service…

I always do my best to treat each and every guest like royalty. But I am also able to kick it up a notch when the owner of my restaurant informs me that I have been blessed with a VIP table in my station.
I have had the honor and privilege to wait upon San Francisco Giant Hall of Fame first baseman Orlando Cepeda and various members of his family on a multitude of occasions. Being fully aware of his amazing trailblazing career, I have enjoyed these occasions thoroughly. But last night my station was full and he was placed in one of my fellow ambassadors of culinary masterpieces station. I was just happy enough to see him once again, but as he and his family were leaving after enjoying a wonderful meal, he made it a point to walk over to me and tell me that he missed my service!!! How awesome is that? It just further validates the fact that all of my efforts are not in vain. I make more
money now than I ever have before. It is almost profane how much cash I rake in using the techniques that I describe in my book. I hope you all have a productive week, I will see you next time….