Table of Contents and Sample Chapter


(The art of making $50 an hour waiting on tables)

Learn how to be a waiter!

Chapter one

-A little bit about myself

Chapter two

-Ancient wisdom

Chapter three


Chapter four


Chapter five


Chapter six

-The best options

Chapter seven


Chapter eight

-On to the next one

Chapter nine

-Feel your management and kitchen’s pain

Chapter ten

-Minimizing mistakes

Chapter eleven


Chapter twelve

-The greatest power

Chapter thirteen

-Believe in yourself


The best options relative to each individual table always equals the best experience for the table and you…

Key Points

-reading your guests and understanding what the difference is between upselling and being too pushy

-personalize your upselling techniques with examples of how you have had the opportunity to compare and contrast your restaurant’s offerings with others throughout your career in the industry and how you honestly (whether it’s true or not) believe that what your dining establishment has available is the most wonderful food and beverages you have ever had in your life and none of your competitors can hold a candle to your restaurant’s brilliance

-it is infinitely better to be thought of as an ambassador of your restaurant’s culinary enchantments than to be considered a used car salesman insisting that the meal must be “Supersized”

-there is such a fine line at times when it comes to not being too aggressive with an upsell and making sure you are taking advantage of each and every opportunity to put more money in both you and your restaurant’s pockets that you have to become an expert at recognizing your guest’s reactions, tone of voice, and body language to understand whether or not the options that you are offering to enhance their culinary experience are being well received or not

-Everyone really does want the best they can afford

-it does not matter what price level the menu is at in the restaurant you are employed by, whether you are slinging eggs and bacon in a diner, sizzling the drink special of the night at a neighborhood bar and grill, or preparing a magnificent cherries jubilee table side while the valet is parking a hundred thousand dollar sports car out front, the guests in your dining establishment, in most instances, are looking for a special dining experience that will make them feel unique, and crave the high end items that will deliver these desires through the most delectable and delightful food and beverage combinations that they can imagine for a price that they are capable of affording because they feel like splurging on themselves

-my goal is to help you offer a unique culinary experience that cannot be found by any of your restaurant’s competitors

-I guarantee that if you are willing to truly listen to my advice and really apply the “tips” that I am offering, over time, you will make more money per person, per table, per hour, per shift, per week, per year, ect.

-if this proves to be untrue, your hard earned money shall be returned to you, but please remember, Rome was not built in a day

-upsell at every opportunity that presents itself by knowing and offering the best that the restaurant has to offer

-you must do the work as far as learning the details of the finer things that you are offering, but do not inundate the guest with a barrage of descriptive alphabetical combinations

-for example: my favorite red wine by the glass is also the lightest, so it pairs well with my restaurant’s entire menu, and of course it is the most exquisite one on the menu, and when I offer it I don’t get into detail about the type of grapes used for the wine, where it’s from, the characteristics of the soil that the grapes were grown in, or the fermentation process,(unless the guest inquires about any of these things), I simply say it has subtle accents of cassis on the nose, with a nice blend of mulling spices and earthiness, and and a delicate lingering of raspberry and blackberry on the finish

-the same model works well for me for the most expensive bottles of wine and top shelf liquors, as well as the priciest menu items

-always go for the highest sell possible, but speak well of all food and beverages that are offered

-once again, focus on the relativity of each individual guest that you are waiting on and remember not to assume anything either way and do not forget to keep in mind that you are an ambassador of your restaurant’s culinary treasures and it is your privilege and purpose to match the right food and beverages with the proper palate and stomach, while remembering at the same time that your restaurant is incapable of serving a bad meal or drink, and even your house wines and liquors are top quality, and your most inexpensive meals are absolutely scrumptious

– never forget each and every opportunity that your estaurant offers to enhance the guest’s dining experience (appetizers, soups, salads, sides, desserts, after dinner drinks, ect.)


-“You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take”

-Wayne Gretzky

You have heard quite a few times in your life the old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” I am sure. Well, when it comes to reading your guests, the implications of this statement are far reaching and quite profound. There have been many times in my illustrious career in the restaurant industry when not only have I been shocked internally to some degree as to how much a certain table has purchased from the dining establishment that I was employed by at that time, but also the extent of their generosity in the gratuity arena as well. I know that many of you can relate to this and there is a very important lesson inherent in those memories. Treat EVERYONE like diamonds and there is a very good chance that there will be no coal in your stocking delivered by the karma gods. Just because you felt that you had the right to assume some things about a table that you are taking care of based upon some past experience with a similar type of table that is comprised of a certain segment of society does not mean that history is always going to repeat itself. Throughout my extensive career in the restaurant industry,

I have had and currently do have the distinct honor and privilege to wait on my fellow human beings from all walks of life from all over this exquisite planet of ours. You name an ethnicity, and I have served them. You think of a social class, and they have tipped me in accordance with the service that I facilitated from the restaurant I was working for at that time.

I remember one time over the past year when I was really getting into a groove selling the higher priced wines at my current place of employment and I was just starting to make a name for myself with the owner by consistently handing over the wine corks to him from these magnificent examples of the bottled fermentation of grapes and earning a “gold star” for my efforts when this middle aged couple came in and sat in the bar section of the restaurant in my station just before the end of happy hour. I was not too particularly thrilled because in my mind I was thinking if only they were seated ten minutes later, then my per person average with them would be so much better. Folks, please let me remind you once again how much this book is meant not only to show you some of the ways that I have been able to hone my craft over these last twenty two years into a finely tuned machine capable of walking with over three hundred dollars on a six hour shift consistently, but I am also writing this to remind me of just how far I have come and help to keep my ego, which likes to give god and the big bang theory a run for their money when it comes to size and dimensions, within the confines of a most humble territory. As we have already discussed in length the holy trinity of up selling, ” Knowledge, Pasion, and Respect,” we know just how important it is to have your facts about what food and beverage items that are available from your restaurant that set it apart from your competitors. And with this holy trinity as part of the foundation of your ability to bring a smile to the face of your guests when they think about the last time they were in your station, you know greatness can only be achieved through a rigorous trial and error to see exactly what style suits you best. So I walk up to this table that very well might just order some half price bar bites and drink specials and I treat them to the most current version of my ability to eloquently describe the masterpieces of culinary design and liquid gold that my restaurant offered with as much “Knowledge, Passion, and Respect” as I could muster and low and behold, their bill ended up being over three hundred and fifty dollars and they left me a seventy eight dollar tip to boot. Looking back, it is just so funny because as I was describing the two hundred and thirty dollar bottle of wine that they ended up enjoying I remember thinking to myself, “I really like the guy’s flannel shirt, sure it is a little tattered, but I could just cover the hole over the pocket with a sweet nirvana patch and it would be most triumphant…”



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